The Global Resilience Institute coordinated this effort in partnership with many experienced and dedicated individuals and teams. This educational curriculum was made possible by the interdisciplinary collaboration of experts from Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences, the College of Social Science and Humanities, and the College of Science, along with an extraordinary Digital Learning Team (EDGE), medical professionals, and science communication experts.

Stephen E. Flynn
Founding Director,
Global Resilience Institute

Brian Helmuth
Professor, Marine and Environmental Science Center, College of Social Science & Humanities - School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs, Northeastern University

Gavin MacGregor-Skinner

Director of Strategic Partnerships in Disaster Medicine,

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Alisa Lincoln

Director of the Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research, Northeastern University

Shan Mohammed
Clinical Professor, 
Center for Health Policy and Law, Department of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Jennie Stephens

Director of Strategic Research Collaborations, Global Resilience Institute; Dean's Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy, Northeastern University

Irina Todorova

Director of Research, 
Institute of Coaching,
McLean Hospital

Mark Patterson

Chief Technology Officer,
Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University

Jean McGuire

Professor of Practice,
Department of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Eddie Rosenstein

American Film Maker, Director and Producer

Neil Maniar

Professor of the Practice & Director, Master of Public Health in Urban Health Program

Department of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Brandon Dionne
Assistant Clinical Professor, 
Department of Pharmacy and Health Systems, School of Pharmacy,
Northeastern University

Daniel Aldrich
Professor of Political Science, Public Policy and Urban Affairs; 
Director, Masters Program in Security and Resilience, College of Social Sciences
and Humanities, Northeastern University

Nicole Davis

Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Applied Psychology, Northeastern University

Will Web

Assistant Vice President - Digital Learning, Northeastern University

Ralph Fasano
Director, Product Development & Media Design, Northeastern University

Polly Searles
Senior Production Manager, Northeastern University

Melissa Frazier

Digital Media Designer,  
Northeastern University


Sarah Callan

Sr. Learning Experience Designer, 
Northeastern University

Jackie Bishop

Learning Experience Designer

Northeastern University

Todd Relaford

Multimedia Design Specialist, Northeastern University

Elisabeth Rader

Assistant Project Manager, Northeastern University


Robin White
Executive Director for Research, Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University

Phil Anderson

Director for Innovation & Research Development,
Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University

Mel Bernstein
Chief Operating Officer,
Global Resilience Institute
at Northeastern University

Scott Pickens

Director of Marketing & Development Operations & Distinguished Corporate Fellow, Global Resilience Institute
at Northeastern University

Warren Edwards

Distinguished Senior Fellow,
Global Resilience Institute 

at Northeastern University

Angie Valencia

Associate Director
of Operations,
Global Resilience Institute

at Northeastern University

Liz Allen

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University

Christopher Grasso

Research Program Manager, 
Global Resilience Institute 
at Northeastern University

Caroline Crawford

Marketing &
Communications Manager, 

Global Resilience Institute
at Northeastern University

Carlisle Dockery

Staff Assistant &
Assistant Program Manager, 

Global Resilience Institute
t Northeastern University

Hyeonji Choi

Project Manager,
Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University

Charlotte Fall

Marketing & Communications Assistant, Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University

Lauren Kourafas

Graphic Designer, 
Global Resilience Institute 
at Northeastern University

Isabella Perez

Graduate Research Assistant, 
Global Resilience Institute 
at Northeastern University


Annie Mayol

President and COO,
Foundation for Puerto Rico

Ana Maria Lopez

Vice President, Development and Communications, Foundation for Puerto Rico

Carla Martorell
Development and Communications Manager

Foundation for Puerto Rico

Nelson Villalobos
Development Coordinator

Foundation for Puerto Rico

Emiliemarie Rivera

Public Relations Manager
Foundation for Puerto Rico

Yarelis Rivera

Communications Intern
Foundation for Puerto Rico




Founded in 1898, Northeastern is a global research university and the recognized leader in experience-driven lifelong learning. Our world-renowned experiential approach empowers our students, faculty, alumni, and partners to create impact far beyond the confines of discipline, degree, and campus. Our locations—in Boston; Charlotte, North Carolina; the San Francisco Bay Area; Seattle; Toronto; and the Massachusetts communities of Burlington and Nahant—are nodes in our growing global university system. Through this network, we expand opportunities for flexible, student-centered learning and collaborative, solutions-focused research. Northeastern’s comprehensive array of undergraduate and graduate programs—on-campus, online, and in hybrid formats—lead to degrees through the doctorate in nine colleges and schools. Among these, we offer more than 140 multi-discipline majors and degrees designed to prepare students for purposeful lives and careers.


Based at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, the Global Resilience Institute’s (GRI) research and educational mission is to develop and deploy practical and innovative tools, applications, and skills that drive social and technical changes, which strengthen the capacity of individuals, communities, systems, and networks to adapt to an increasingly turbulent world. Launched in 2017, GRI is the world’s first university-wide institute to respond to the resilience imperative. Today, GRI undertakes multi-disciplinary resilience research and education efforts that draw on the latest findings from network science, health sciences, coastal and urban sustainability, engineering, cybersecurity and privacy, social and behavioral sciences, public policy, urban affairs, business, law, game design, architecture, and geospatial analysis. GRI works in close partnership with industry, government, communities, and non-governmental organizations, as well as engages in external outreach to inform, empower, and scale bottom-up efforts that contribute to individual and collective resilience.

Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business is known for its experience-driven educational model that fuses robust classroom education with real-world application. We develop leaders and thinkers who will guide the future of work that is being transformed by digital convergence. D’Amore-McKim’s programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of students in this fast-paced and changing global economy. 

Through use-inspired research and teaching, the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University strives to help people and industries navigate the demands presented by an increasing emphasis on digital transformation. The school embraces the opportunities that arise from this ever-changing world by discovering, designing, and delivering the competencies required for thriving in this future.  Modern business faces many opportunities and challenges due to increasing globalization of economies; political change; and the effects of foreign policy, technological advances, regulatory policies, and economic policies. The result is increased demand for highly educated individuals equipped to analyze and address this changing environment. Programs in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business are designed for students who are preparing to take on managerial responsibility or starting their own companies. 

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